Saturday, March 19, 2016

Crap...I'm a curse!

It's official...I'm a hockey curse.

I'm not superstitious, and I didn't want it to be true, but the facts are pretty damning.

As you know (my imaginary readers!), Samantha Wayland and I are visiting all of the hockey arenas. We started on a whim with Pittsburgh last year and apparently in our delirious excitement of being at that game, we decided we should visit all the arenas...I'm already dreading Winnipeg, Manitoba...I hear it's freezing there!

So, at the beginning of this season, we decided on Montreal and Dallas. Dallas is my close second favorite team, next to the Bruins. Sometimes Dallas is my favorite, just don't tell my Boston loving friends and family. And there were two players that I wanted to see the most, Carey Price, from Montreal, arguably one of the best goalies ever, and Tyler Seguin, from Dallas, equally amazing, one of the top goal scorers, and pretty nice to look at. Plans were made, flights and hotels were booked and I couldn't wait.

Then Carey got injured early in the season. I wanted to cry, because he was going to be out for our game. I even bought a "Keep Calm and Carey On" tshirt. His injury was pretty bad and he's been out basically all season, and Montreal isn't going to make the playoffs for the first time in forever. Sorry about that, Habs. I had no idea of my power.

Months go by and we are getting closer and closer to heading to Dallas. We leave on Easter, yep, I didn't look at the calendar, and I was getting so excited to see the Stars. Our tickets are row 3...that's right, row 3...behind the home bench. Only a thick slab of glass between me and my favorite team (yeah, I said it, favorite). Tyler's abs, and that grin, will be so close, but I guess it's a good thing that he never got that restraining order, because he was injured this week. 10 days before Sam and I head to Texas, his Achilles' gets sliced (only 15%, thank god!), and he's out 3-4 weeks...are you kidding me?! I wanted to cry.

I didn't want to believe it, but I'm totally a curse. And, side note, the first Bruins game I went to this season is when Chris Kelly's femur just fractured into pieces. No one was even touching him. I don't want to miss live games, but my appearance is apparently detrimental to the players' health and safety.

I joked with Sam that the only reason the Pens were safe was because it was a last minute trip, no time for the powers that be to injure our favorite players because we planned the trip two days before we left. Then she reminded me that, while everyone was safe during the game we attended, a game or two later, Sidney Crosby was injured and out of the line up for a handful of games. Like the powers that be had to catch up with my presence.

One last side note, I have Dallas Stars sweatshirt, and when I wear it, the Stars lose. How is that even possible? In fact, when they played the Bruins this February, I didn't have it on and the Stars were up 3-1, then I put it on during the first intermission, and the Bruins came back to score 6 goals...6 freaking unanswered goals...and the final score was 7-3 Bruins. I swear, I can't make this shit up! I also refuse to wear that sweatshirt on Stars game days, and the day before game days. Have to be careful will this insane power I apparently have.

I fear that the only way to keep these players safe is to either stay home, or not state my love for any of them. And I can't stay home, Sam and I have 27 arenas left to visit. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to cry about the fact that Tyler's abs would've only been three rows away from me. I take comfort in the fact that he should be back for the playoffs.